Basic Information

State budget institution of additional  education “Isaac Dunaevsky Moscow City Children's music school” provides additional training for children of artistic and aesthetic orientation and also additional general education program of socio-pedagogical orientation for preschoolers entering the music school.

“Isaac Dunaevsky Moscow City Children's music school” is located in 5-storey building (3 767 sq.m of total area) and has its own park (6 367 sq. m of total area).

The school counts 63 classes for individual and group lessons, 3 concert halls for 170, 90 and 70 seats. As well the school has a library with a collection that includes over than 20 thousand copies of musical and musicological literature, audio and video sources. It is remarkable that the school has its own Museum of Isaac Dunaevsky.

“Isaac Dunaevsky Moscow City Children's music school” started its activities in 1956 as “Leningradsky district children's music school”.

The school has a lot of high-level professionals in its teaching Staff.  About 94 teachers and accompanists work in the school. 24 of them have highest qualification category. Among them is V.V. Zaitseva.

The school provides next specialty trainings:

Piano, choral singing, violin, cello, double bass, harp, organ, domra, balalaika, harp (psaltery), classical guitar, accordion, block flute, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, French horn, tenor, baritone, trombone , tuba, percussion, saxophone, solo singing, jazz piano, jazz percussion, jazz trumpet, jazz saxophone, composition, jazz vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar, jazz bass.

Common information:

1)      Age of students – 6-18

2)      Total of students – 968

3)      Fee-paying students - 352

4)      Teaching is conducted in Russian language.

5)      Work schedule – 9-21